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Business Phones Remote

Are you paying too much for your phone service? Are you concerned that your employees are using their personal cell, reducing the reputation of your business? Would you like to have a free phone for each and every employee (this is a limited time item)  Send me your PDF phone bill, and my sales engineers […]


The Security Book Series Business Leaders Need August 2019 – A new series of security books for business leaders from Atlanta Cloud Technology. We hear the same questions over and over, and rather than making videos we decided to start a strategic security book series. The first in the series is How to Achieve Network […]

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Strengthening Your Weakest Link

An unseen war is waged on a daily basis, and the spoils of that war are data and access. Like it or not, unless you’re hand-delivering every communique to its intended recipient, you’ve already been drafted.

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There are a lot of choices available in these days of cloud computing. There are too many choices for a busy executive. Your world has always been complex, and your days are full of decisions. Atlanta Cloud Tech was created to help you make sense of your cloud choices and to support your decisions with […]