25% of PC-based businesses will fail this year.

70% of small businesses that experience a major system and data loss will close their business within one year!

Are you ready?

It is not a question of IF but When!

Atlanta Cloud Technology Inc. has your back. Small to medium-sized businesses are at greatest risk to combat or prevent a data disaster with limited resources, limited time, limited competitive prowess and potentially 100% compliance exposure. Consider the moment when your customers, your reputation, your compliance, your revenue and your business are GONE! Unplanned downtime may be an IT function BUT it is a business concern. It is your concern.

Do you have business insurance for your building, your employees, your assets? Why not for your data? Atlanta Cloud Technology partners can help with Secure backup of business-critical data, Business Continuity, even during a disaster, Complete data restoration, Competitive advantage, Peace of mind, for business and clients and helping you meet many compliance requirements.

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