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This is Not Your Daddy’s Marketing System!


Atlanta Cloud Tech has partnered with Act-On to give you the easiest and fastest way to get more qualified customers to your site, or to your office. Marketing is a numbers game and increasing qualified customer traffic to your site through Atlanta Cloud Tech and Act-On gives you more chances to do what you do best.

Marketing in a networked always-on world has not changed what makes your services the best, but more and more, you need to justify your customers’ decision to use your services because there is so much information flowing to them.  You can’t thrive in the marketplace just by being an expert at what you do.  Your customers and prospects need to see you as a trusted authority in your area of expertise.  Before Atlanta Cloud and Act-On entered the picture, marketing this new image of your company was terrifically, open-endedly expensive.  Only large companies that could afford huge marketing budgets could even attempt to do what Atlanta Cloud Tech and Act-On can provide for you very economically.

What Atlanta Cloud Tech brings in this partnership:

  • Marketing expertise – We have 40 years of marketing experience that you can use to improve your income.
  • Marketing document creation – We handle the writing of social media posts, press releases and public relations opportunity, that you know you need to compete with your competitors, but do not have time, or resources to do yourself
  • Product re-purposing – We help you package and present your products and services to bring new income from costs you have already spent.
  • Image revamping – Appeal to the clients you really want.. Highly satisfied clients who return again and again for more of your products and services.
  • Web hosting and support – We protect your web presence and maintain uptime through leveraging our partnerships and resources.
  • Simple online marketing interface – All your online marketing channels together onto a single platform designed to automates a lot of your lead generation.
  • Easy implementation, on Atlanta Cloud Tech servers
  • Email marketing
  • Web forms – generate more leads and  track web form abandonment.
  • Landing pages – SEO and Social media integration
  • Website Visitor Tracking – Know the names of people and Companies on your website in real time, converting web traffic into leads!
  • Drip Campaigns to nurture your prospects and customers

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