The Argument for Developing Your Own Private Cloud With Atlanta Cloud

The majority of business CIOs are saying they are planning a cloud initiative at some point soon. There is a lot of pressure to use the exceedingly inexpensive cloud storage and application services offered by the large players in the Cloud Computing space.

Atlanta Cloud Technology is focused on providing internal cloud services for organizations that need real accountability in their data-handling. If you are in one of the industries that requires tight control of data and true accountability, you cannot just trust the public clouds without a real solution in hand for the situation where:

You wish to change to a different provider or technology
It is possible the cost of migrating away from proprietary technologies can exceed the savings of moving onto the platform in the first place.

Your data may be subpoenaed as evidence in a court case.
In some cases, the data-center providers are subpoenaed directly for customer data without notification to the customer.

Most public cloud service-level agreements (SLAs) only guarantee that their infrastructural services will not go down. This is not protection against your virtual servers going offline. Your organization has still got the responsibility to support your virtual machines and the operating systems and software running on them. The money is in the data, in all cases. The hardware is incidental to working with and securing the data.

Atlanta Cloud builds cloud services inside your LAN or attached by encrypted tunnel to our data-center. We see the most value to internal cloud services for security, bandwidth costs, traffic levels.

One of the neat features of the Atlanta Cloud vision is that an organization can use their own under-utilized hardware to create the cloud. With rock-solid Linux underpinning on the cloud servers, it is reasonable to expect a much better utilization rate of running machines, and your standard refresh cycles could provide the hardware too develop your internal cloud in a low-impact, organic manner..

An advanced level of Atlanta Cloud Technology uses our customized “Cloud in a Box” system to replace hardware servers at a rate of 50 to 1 or higher. This utilizes energy very efficiently. Over the lifespan of the hardware, large quantities of operating budget can be conserved for other initiatives, rather than being spent upon power and cooling for those thousands of servers.

Contact us today to discover how we can improve the security of your data while getting you the cost savings of cloud technology.

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