Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Find out how ready you are for a business stoppage.

Welcome to  Testing Your Disaster Readiness

How much data are you storing, on average?

How often are you capturing backups?
What was your Gross Income last year?  If you divide that number by 250 (weekdays)  that is how much revenue you forfeit if your servers go down for a day.  This does not factor in the cost of repairs, and wages for idle workers.Hint

How many servers are in use in your company?Hint

How many workstations are in use in your company?Hint

How many laptops are in use in your company?Hint

How are your backups maintained?
On what media are your backups saved?
Are your backups image-based or chain-based?

  1. Image-based backups contain the entire image of the server being backed up (Changes over time are integrated in to the continually maintained image as well as maintaining the earlier snapshots).

  2. Traditional (or Chain-based) backups are collected in full (meaning the specific data you are retaining is collected at a single point in  time.), and incrementally (meaning that the data changes are stacked in date order).

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