Disaster Recovery Calculators

Run the numbers: How much might you lose if your servers were down and you could not access your data

Most people have not worked out the actual cost of the risks involved

Without a good idea what your risks are, and what your possible liability might be, you are setting yourself up for a horrible shock, from which your business might never recover!

Knowing your risk not only prepares you for the worst, if disaster strikes, it also helps you decide what measures you are going to take to avoid and minimize risks, so you do not OVERSPEND on whatever new magic solution appears on your desk.

Use the calculator below to see what kind of direct effects a data loss could have on your business. It might seem hard to believe because you haven’t started yet, but I’ve been there — and I’ve helped many business owners to protect their investment and their customers’ personal information.

You do not have to be a statistic!

Recovery Time Calculator
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This is an example, and probably doesn’t match your business exactly

The numbers here do not include the cost to repair or replace hardware and software, nort does it include the time required to bring the servers back to proper running state.

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