Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a universal, one size fits all cloud object storage service that eliminates confusing storage tiers and satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements. Hot Cloud Storage costs less than traditional cold storage service and is significantly faster than traditional frequent-access storage services. Requires a minimum purchase of 1TB per month.

With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage all data is treated equally and made readily accessible no matter how you classify it – hot, cool or cold. It is enterprise class, tier-free, instantly available and allows you to store an infinite amount of data affordably. Wasabi provides an S3-compliant interface to use with storage applications, gateways and other platforms.

Hot Cloud Storage uses one tier to meet all the storage needs of an organization. It eliminates the complexity that first-generation cloud storage providers create with confusing tiered storage services with different performance characteristics, price points and SLAs. For example, other services classify and store as:

  • Active “Hot” Data: Data that needs to be readily visible and available to the operating system and/or application software with which it was created and must be immediately accessible to users. It is data that is accessed frequently or continuously as part of a business process or other operation. Because of its frequent access requirements, active data is typically kept in a tier closest to the user, causing it to be more localized and expensive.
  • Active Archive “Cold” Data: Data that is too valuable for a company to discard but is only accessed occasionally. Active archive data is usually stored on less expensive, slower performing storage media such as tape, inexpensive disks or in a remote cloud storage tier that typically has delayed data retrieval time association.
  • Inactive Archive “Cold” Data: Data that is seen as essential for saving but not necessarily for frequent retrieval. Inactive archive data typically adheres to corporate, agency and legal policy where regulation and compliance concerns require long-term retention and retrieval of sensitive financial, medical or employee data. While it is typically the least expensive way to store data, inactive archive data traditionally holds significant retrieval and latency delays.

Wasabi approaches all data as “hot”, but reduces the expenses and time associated with storage. Whether you need a second copy in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, or long-term storage, Wasabi’s breakthrough price-performance makes the choice simple.

Cloud Storage Security

Physical Security: Wasabi uses only premier tier 4 datacenter facilities for co-locating our equipment. Each site is staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security and to protect against unauthorized entry. Each site has security cameras that monitor both the facility premises as well as each area of the datacenter internally. There are biometric readers for access as well as at least two factor authentication to gain access to the building. Each facility is unmarked so as not to draw any additional attention from the outside and adheres to strict local and federal government standards.

Storage Data Security: Wasabi is secure by default and all data stored in the Wasabi cloud is always encrypted at rest (even if the requesting party doesn’t specify encryption). Wasabi follows industry-best security models and security design practices. Examples of Wasabi security features include:

  • HTTPS is supported for the secure upload/download of data
  • Buckets are only accessible to the bucket and object creators
  • Wasabi supports user authentication to control access to data (including support for the AWS IAM model)
  • Access control mechanisms such as bucket policies and Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to selectively grant permissions to users and groups of users

Communications Security: All communications with Wasabi are transmitted over SSL (HTTPS) for both access to the public website as well as the S3 storage and IAM APIs.

  • Single-tier storage for all data
  • Rapid uploads and downloads, up to 6x faster than competing solutions
  • Enterprise-class data security
  • 11x9s data durability
Key Benefits
  • Easy to understand one-tier storage
  • Significantly lower price than competing S3 solutions
  • No additional hidden fees or API call charges
This service is billed based upon accrued usage after the close of the billing cycle.

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