Data-Center Services

Atlanta Cloud Tech is an affiliate of Nfina. We chose to affiliate with Nfina for a couple reasons:

  1. Their Server, Storage, Desktop and Workstation solutions are made in the USA – Near Mobile Alabama
  2. They treat their customers like real people without asking for $600 per call for support.
  3. They have surprisingly affordable hardware. I have been watching their progress since 2014, and they are doing good, while doing well.
  4. Their hardware prices and quality are very competitive with the better-known companies.
  5. I am a product of the product. My company runs cloud-based infrastructure for the most part. I chose an Nfina server in the Tower form factor as my test and development hardware. It isn’t whisper-quiet, but it is wicked fast and is more than sufficient for my needs.
  6. Unless my client has some compelling reason to use some other hardware solution provider, I design network architectures with Nfina components. Nfina produces outstanding customization for your networks.

Nfina’s Home Page. Check them out then come back to us and we will set you up to win.

Talk to us if you are looking for reinventing your datacenter to be Hyperconverged, or to replace obsolete servers. Send us your specifications and we will happily create a great quote for you.